Human Resource Development
  1. HRD(Human resource development program)
    HRD for Digital Contents Creator There is a growing need to educate and cultivate superior human resources in the area of software development in Shimane Prefecture. As a practical measure, the Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology is implementing a human resource program.
    The Development Program for Digital contents creator, involves Shimane University and Matsue National College of Technology.
    This human resource development program is composed of two courses - all year course and intensive course. All participations learn cross-cutting 2D and 3D digital contents development techniques.
    There are some actual achievements of employment through this program. The Project for Human Interface Technology Development contributes to secure a stable source of superior manpower through this human resource development program.
  2. Attraction of enterprises to Shimane Prefecture
    Studio WA ORIENT CORP) The participation of the HRD program is highly evaluated by some corporations. The Project for Human Interface Technology Development works with partnership with firm location division of Shimane Prefecture for attracting corporations with our technology and superior type of person.
  3. Receiving Technical Trainees
    The Project for Human Interface Technology Development aims to bring in technical trainees from corporations within Shimane Prefecture.